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Anonymous asked:

If you're shipping Kennash I'm disappointed :(


Listen anony, I’m disappointed in judgy anons, OK?

Honestly… I don’t express any disappointment whatsoever to people who ship Frary, because people are allowed to ship WHOEVER they choose. So…shipping Kennash is perfectly my right? And I still love Mash, and in fact love it more than Kennash.

And you know what? Even if I suddenly decided I hated Mash, for whatever reason, and Kennash was my only OTP ever now, I still would not care what other people think. I am not sorry, Mash is still the ship that makes me cry and laugh and smile and curl up into a ball and also write tons of stories. I’m a steadfast Masher, but it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to enjoy the Kennash ship. 

AMEN.  Just because you like one doesn’t mean you hate the other. You’re aloud to enjoy more than one ship! 

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